What is the MultiSport programme?

Offers to employers the long-term motivation for employees to engage in regular exercising and relaxation activities. Includes two products, the MultiSport card, Health Days, MultiSport Days, Family Days and Teambuildings.

What is the MultiSport card?

The MultiSport card is a leisure activity employee benefit that grants you free or discounted entry each day to more than 2 200 leisure and exercise facilities in 392 cities across the Slovakia and Czechia. You can choose from more than 260 activities year-round.

How can I get a MultiSport card?

This is a unique employee benefit, so by definition it can only be acquired through your employer. It is not currently available to individuals. If you are from your company’s HR department and are considering how to motivate your staff to exercise and relax in the long term, then you’re in the right spot. Get in touch and we’ll work with you to help your employees feel their best. If you’re an employee, but your employer has not offered you this benefit, then don’t hesitate to recommend us to your employer. We will make contact and offer details of our MultiSport programme.

How does the MultiSport card work?

Take a look at our video, which will explain everything to you. In short, as soon as you get a MultiSport card from your employer, you can start using it almost immediately. You just need to read through the conditions of use for the MultiSport card and sign the back of the card. Then you can start choosing where to go first! Just show your MultiSport card at the facility’s reception desk along with photo ID and...you’re in!

What are MultiSport events?

We do education. We do team-building. We take care of your employees’ health – that’s why we organize health days and consider them an integral part of the MultiSport programme. We are going to completely arrange the whole event including sports equipment, experts and lecturers for selected activities. At present we offer Health Days and participation in company games. Intrigued? Drop us a line or look at the details about events we have organized.

Who are our partners?

We work with the best leisure and exercise facilities in Slovakia and Czechia. Our team works tirelessly to find places for you to rest and recharge. You can always count on a high standard of service and excellent facilities. Check out the full list.











For employer

What is the repayment period for the MultiSport programme?

The basic repayment period for invoices is 14 days.

What is the billing period?

The billing period for the MultiSport programme is one calendar month.

Can we pay for the MultiSport programme with Flexi passes / meal vouchers?

No, unfortunately not this at this time. We do not have agreements in place with these companies.

How much does an Health day cost?

We make all the arrangements for every event and adapt them to the needs of each client. This means the price depends on several different factors. First we will meet with you in person to discuss your needs and requests. Then we will be able to put together a package designed just for you.

How can we get a MultiSport Health day for our employees?

It’s simple – get in touch and we’ll be happy to invite you to a non-binding meeting to discuss options. We organize events for all companies without differentiating between clients and non-clients.

What will MultiSport Health days bring to us and our employees?

They will get you and your company moving, together you will know a lot of new pieces of information from the field of health and healthy lifestyle, food, sports and relaxation and the harmonization of work and private life. Your people will also come together as a team in the informal atmosphere and will communicate and work better together. The whole event is held under the auspices of MultiSport and led by professional trainers, so you can enjoy it hassle-free. Want to find out more about our events? Check out the details.

What administrative tasks are associated with MultiSport cards?

Practically none. We’ve gone for maximum simplicity and we take excellent customer service as a matter of course.

How much does the MultiSport card cost?

The price of the card depends on several different factors. The most significant of these includes the number of people getting cards and also the “financing model.” That depends on the ratio of dividing costs between employer and employees. However, you only pay for active cards. Any other questions about financing? Let us know and we’ll be happy to walk you through it all.

Can we increase the number of cards later?

Of course. You can update the number of cards via client zone up to 18th day of each month or via the web form created especially for you.

Can we offer cards only to employees or also to external contractors?

MultiSports cards are also available to external contracts or people with an agreement for performance of work, etc. The contractual arrangements involve an affidavit on the part of the company.

How can we get a MultiSport card for our employees?

It’s simple – write or call us and we’ll be happy to invite you to a non-binding meeting to discuss options. The only condition is the minimum number of 10 employee cards. If you meet this requirement, get in touch and we’ll put together an offer just for you (we offer various forms of financing, including staggered payment).

What will the MultiSport card bring to my employees?

Primarily you will be offering them a unique benefit with nothing comparable on the Slovakia market. Each of your employees is unique and by giving them a card, you show that you respect them and give them the freedom to use the card. Employees choose when and what activities to engage in. You don’t have to make any complicated arrangements with other entities. We’ve done all that for you! See where the MultiSport card can be used today.

What are my options for financing the MultiSport programme?

First of all: there is no administrative or handling fee for joining the programme. The MultiSport programme is flexible. So it’s up to you how and what sources you want to use to finance it. Most often companies finance the programme using:

  • the company’s operating funds,
  • employees’ own funds (monthly salary deduction).
  • a combination of the above.

How long do I have to order the MultiSport programme for?

That is up to your company. We work with you under a written agreement for an indefinite period with a notice period of one month. You can also withdraw from the agreement at any time without stating a reason.

What does the MultiSport programme offer us and our employees?

Studies show that companies where employees take active part in sports and leisure activities have fewer sick days taken. It has also been shown that happier, healthier employees are more productive. The MultiSport programme is a long-term investment in leading your employees to that way of life. To make them more motivated and work together better as a team. It also increases your perceived value as an employer. Find out about other benefits you get from working with MultiSport.

What benefits does the MultiSport programme have for us as employers?

The financial benefits are clear, of course: It is a tax-deductible expense and the card may be funded from the social fund as well.











For employees

What do I do if I lost my card?

Don’t panic! Just let your HR department know about the lost card. Then we can send you a new card free of charge. You will need to pay normally for entry to facilities until the new card comes.

Can I suspend use of my MultiSport card in some way?

Ask your HR department about the specific options available, because it always depends on the type of agreement between Benefits Systems Slovakia and your employer. The standard procedure is that cards can only be suspended for serious medical reasons with a confirmation from a doctor saying you are unable to engage in sports.

My favorite facility doesn’t accept MultiSport cards. Can I do anything to change that?

Of course. We expand our network based on your suggestions and requests. If you have a specific suggestion, please send it to us through the contact form. Our team will check whether the facility is appropriate for inclusion in our partner network. If so, we will do our best to get them on board.

Can I use my MultiSport card to arrange court reservations or lessons?

No, unfortunately we do not allow this at this time. You’ll need to make arrangements with the specific facility. However, the list of our partner facilities gives you everything you need to contact them on your own.

Can I use my MultiSport outside the country?

You can currently use your card at our partner facilities in Czechia. Have a look at which ones are available. MultiSport is also available in Poland and Bulgaria, but the Slovakia MultiSport card is not currently valid in those countries.

How do I find out where all I can use my MultiSport card?

We currently offer free/discounted entry to over 2 000 facilities in Slovakia and Czechia. You can choose from more than 260 physical activities and relaxation options in 360 cities. Use our search function to set the location or your favorite activity. Every entry also lists the facility’s details: contact information, reservation yes/no, list of activities available, additional fees required, etc.).

Do I pay an entry fee at the door?

In Slovakia and in Czechia, there is a free entry in 99% of cases. If not, we always mention it in the detailed view for that specific partner or in the terms of use for the MultiSport card, which are available here. PLEASE NOTE: the facility may also require a refundable deposit for a reservation or equipment. MultiSport does not cover this deposit.

How often can I use my card?

Your MultiSport card is good for one entry to one facility per day. This means that you can use it for up to 30 or 31 activities each month, if you like! Some of our partners even stretch the definition of “one entry” to include multiple activities in the same facility (such as a pool and sauna). Look at our partnering facilities and what they have to offer.

Do Accompanying / Child cards work separately?

Accompanying cards work independently. The holder has the same rights as the holder of a standard employee MultiSport card. Child cards work only in the presence of an adult. An adult may not be a MultiSport card owner.

My employment has ended but my card is still valid. What does that mean for me?

That depends on the type of agreement between Benefit Systems Slovakia and your employer. The standard procedure is that the card validity ends with the last day in your current employment and the card should be returned on your last day at work.

Can I get a MultiSport card for my family members or friends, too?

Yes. You can get one Accompanying card for an adult and up to three Child cards (up to age 15) for one employee card. It’s up to your employer whether to support these cards or not, however, so get in touch with your HR department to find out more.

Can I order a Accompanying / Child card without an employee card?

No, that is not possible. In order to prevent abuse of Accompanying / Child cards, they are directly linked to employee cards.

Can I lend my MultiSport card to a friend?

No, I’m afraid not. Cards are non-transferrable and can be used only by the holder listed on the card.

I got the envelope with my MultiSport card. What now?

Open the envelope and you’ll find a cover letter to go with your card. The cover letter tells you how to use your new benefit. Terms and conditions for using the programme are also available here. Just a friendly warning: The MultiSport card is non-transferable and you are the only one authorized to use it. So don’t forget to sign it, because otherwise the card is invalid, and always show photo ID along with your MultiSport card. If you show only your MultiSport card without photo ID, you may not be allowed past reception.

Can I pick up my card in person?

Of course. We’ll be happy to see you at the following address: Benefit Systems Slovakia s.r.o., Ružová dolina 6, 821 08, Bratislava. Have a look at the map.

How will I receive my MultiSport card?

In the vast majority of cases, we send cards directly to the address listed by the employer, i.e. your place of work. You will be able to pick up your card there or your HR department will deliver it to you.

How much do I pay for my MultiSport card each month?

We charge your employer each month only the price of the card. That price depends on what package your employer has with us, so prices may vary. Our sales representative will be happy to set up a non-binding meeting with your HR department to discuss a specific offer.

Can I order a MultiSport card by email or phone?

The only way to get a MultiSport card is through your HR department. If your employer does not work with MultiSport yet, recommend us and we will get in touch with an offer.











For partners

When are invoices payable?

Our standard is 14 days after the date of issuing the invoice.

How much will it cost to work with you?

Accepting MultiSport cards is free for facilities, just as no entry fees apply when you join the programme. The model is based on reimbursement for entry for each specific MultiSport cardholder under special conditions. Many factors are involved, including the type of facility, number of visitors, location, etc. But we know that each partner is unique in its own way. So we are happy to put together an offer designed especially for you.

How do we handle a customer who shows a MultiSport card?

You use the bar code reader to scan the card. We provide and install the reader for you free of charge. All you need is a computer and internet connection. And don’t worry – the bar code reader will not have any access to your POS or other systems. The whole process takes place in a web browser. Advantages of our bar code reader:

  • Faster client clearance
  • Prepared materials for issuing invoices
  • Faster processing and payment of invoices

Do you require partners to sign a contract?

Yes. We need a printed and signed contract in order to start working together. But don’t worry, we won’t be burying you in paperwork. The rules for cooperation are very simple.

How can we become your partner?

First of all we are glad you are interested in working with us. We can’t wait to meet you in person. Visit our page for partners and drop us a line. We’ll be in contact as soon as possible. We are also expanding our network of partners based on requests from our corporate clients or MultiSport card users themselves, in which case we contact specific facilities.